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Sep 07, 2005 Which city do you guys think has the best punk scene, be it your own town or not. Where I live, Tempe, there is virtually no scene and not even a real underground movement. Chicago has one of the best Hardcore Emo Poppunk scenes. , 02: 50 PMEmo Vs Pop Punk Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. 2. 2K likes. Emo Vs Pop Punk is a weekly party hosted by Brian Buckley and friends Sad Songs and Sing Alongs chicago pop punk scene

Jun 02, 2012  This documentary focuses on Chicago's local music scene, focusing on the punk, and poppunk genre. It tells the story of today's bands struggling to

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The Chicago Punk Scene Is Weird, Passionate, and Really, Really Drunk. Dog& Wolf are the only band of their kind in the punk scene here. When you consider that they have pinches of alt

Chicago Pop Punk Scene By Nick Michaels. A collection of independent acts in Chicago's PopPunk, Emo, and Punk scene. If your band should be on here, reach out to me and I'll add you if you don't suck.

The Chicago Punk Database. This site intends to be a collections of bands, members, labels etc. for the Chicago punk scene. This page specifically focuses on the earlier Chicago scene though there is no formal cutoff date, the information on this page pretty much focuses on Chicago punk before 1990, though there is a growing collection of information on bands.

I live in Aurora (suburb outside of Chicago) and I was wondering if anyone on this board could let me know about the scene. Any hangout spots in

Introducing Chicago PopPunk Act: Tougher Than You Thought. Monday, February 18, 2019 at 11: 37 AM (PST) Pop Punk, Band Spotlight, Tougher Than You Thought, Comment Leave A Comment. and if I didn't know better I'd think this was Dying Scene Records band A Dying Regime partnered up with the singer from DS Records' first signing, Yankee

Chicago was home to a number of underground music scenes in the 70s and 80s, but none perhaps more unruly than the emerging punk and hardcore scene in 1977. Inspiration came from the New York artists then playing Chicago, including Patti Smith, television, Lou Reed, and mostly, the Ramones.

In 1993, if you loved underground music, Chicago was a special place to be. Abrasive postpunk and indie rock crossed paths frequently with the citys vital free jazz scene.

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Chicago PopPunk has 1, 173 members. Anything pop punk related in Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest.

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