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Sep 07, 2010 This little kid has open crotch pants, instead of a diaper. This is how the Chinese do it. They just rip the bottom out of the pants and let the kids poop and pee on the streets.Translated netizen reactions to ethnic Chinese parents with children wearing split pants in America being reported to local police for disorderly conduct . Police Called on Chinese Kid Wearing OpenCrotch Pants in US. by Fauna Friday, November 7, 2014 Police Called on Ethnic Chinese in America for Dressing Children in OpenCrotch Pants chinese open crotch baby pants

One of the indelible images of China for foreigners is that of the cutiepie baby wearing the pants with a giant hole on the bottom known in Chinese kaidangku (literally opencrotch pants ).

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Drop Crotch Pants Baby October 17, 2016 [ Split Crotch Pants: Chinas Environmentally Friendly NonDiaper [ WIHN Part 12 July 25, 2017 [ Split Crotch Pants: Chinas Environmentally Friendly NonDiaper [ Country 180 Learning Countries 2017 Summer Goal August 19, 2017 [ Split crotch pants are still

Baby butts. Everywhere. All of the time. That's because many Chinese parents choose to deck out their infants and toddlers in split pants trousers that have an al fresco attitude towards bums and genitals. Known in Chinese as (kaidangku, literally open crotch trousers ), split pants have been around for a long time.

Jun 13, 2015 In China babies wear open crotch pants and long sleeves. There is an explanation for everything!

Chinese toddler has his foreskin ripped off after getting his penis trapped in an escalator while wearing 'open crotch' pants. A year old boy tripped himself over while running towards an

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The splitcrotch pants that make these sights possible have been a childrearing tradition in China for ages. In fact, the pants used to be the sole tool in potty training before diapers gained traction in

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