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World Travel Guide invites you to view the historical landmarks in China; The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and more. Gambling is illegal in mainland China. There are restrictions on certain religious activities, including preaching and distributing religious materials. If youre unclear about any aspect of the entry requirements,china entry requirement A valid passport and visa are required to enter China and must be obtained from Chinese Embassies and Consulates before traveling to China. Americans arriving without valid passports and the appropriate Chinese visa are not permitted to enter and will be subject to a fine and immediate deportation at the traveler's expense. entry restrictions to china

Go to au. chinaembassy. org for more information. Consulates in Canada Singleentry visas are C50; doubleentry C75. Visit for an application form. Applications must be delivered and collected by hand, or sent via a visa agency. Consulates in New Zealand Singleentry visas are NZ140; doubleentry NZ210. Add NZ

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Entry Restrictions. Upon arrival in China, you must pass through customs. Americans entering the country are allowed to carry personal items into the country without declaring them, but items such

Visa policy of China for holders of ordinary passports. In addition to those listed above, some ports of entry place additional restrictions on nationals of certain countries: Nationals of these countries require a visa to transit through Urumqi Diwopu International Airport:

To learn more about specific entry requirements for Tibet or other restricted areas, check with the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China. The U. S. Department of State is unaware of any HIVAIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of China.

Duration of each stay is clearly shown on a China visa, which refers to the maximum number of days the holder is permitted to stay in the mainland of China each time and is counted from the next day after entry.

EntryExit Requirements for U. S. Citizens BEFORE YOU GO: To enter China, you need a visa as well as six months' validity remaining on your passport. If you do not have a valid passport and the appropriate Chinese visa, you will not be allowed to enter China, you will be fined, and you will be subject to immediate deportation.

China visa and passport requirements to enter China for Americans, British nationals, EU citiziens, Canadians and Australians. Also has info on visa application fees, where to apply, and entry with pets.

If holding an ordinary passport, you need to apply for a visa for China unless you are covered by Chinas visa exemption policy, such as the hours visa free transit schemes, Hainan 30day visafree access, visa exemption for tour groups meeting certain requirements, and visafree entry for holders of APEC Business Travel Card.

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Feb 25, 2013  Entry requirements The information on this page covers the most common types of travel and reflects the UK governments understanding of the rules currently in place.

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